Fallen Hero Obituary

Law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in Massachusetts

Officer Cornelius F. Regan Age: 34 years old Tour: 4 years, 11 months Boston Police End of Watch: Thursday, January 13, 1898
Patrolman Cornelius Regan passed away after contracting spinal meningitis after rescuing a drowning man from the Charles River early on Christmas morning.

He was on patrol near the old Charlestown Bridge at 2:15 am when he heard a man shouting. He ran to the center of the bridge, where he observed a man struggling in the icy river 20 feet below.

After taking off his belt, Patrolman Regan climbed down a bridge pile to the water. He was able to pull the man to the bridge using his belt, at which point he discovered the man was too drunk to assist himself in anyway. Despite getting soaked with the ice-cold water, Patrolman Regan was able to secure a boat which brought them both to shore.

Patrolman Regan began feeling ill the following day. His condition worsened and it was determined that he contracted spinal meningitis as a result of his exposure to the cold. He passed away on January 13, 1898.

Patrolman Regan had served with the Boston Police Department for four years in Division 13, Headquarters, Division 5, and was assigned to Division 1 when he passed. He was survived by his wife and five children.

Remembering …

mlemf-logoOver 340 law enforcement officers have lost their lives while protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth. This encompasses state and local police, federal, sheriff and correction officers.

The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial will serve as a permanent reminder of their dedication and ultimate sacrifice.

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