Fallen Hero Obituary

Law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in Massachusetts

Patrolman Jose A. Maceira Age: 33 years old Tour: 9 months Boston Police End of Watch: Sunday, May 1, 1977
Patrolman Jose Maceira succumbed to complications of a gunshot wound sustained 18 months earlier while struggling with a suspect behind 8 Humphrey Place in Dorchester.

He and his partner had stopped two people for trespassing on railroad tracks. During the encounter the two subjects began struggling with the officers. As Patrolman Maceira struggled with one of the men the other man was able to grab his service revolver out of its holster and shot him in the jaw and neck.

The wound caused severe injuries to this throat and vocal cords and left him disabled. During his ensuing recovery he was only able to whisper and had extreme difficulty swallowing. As a result of his inability to swallow, he choked to death on a piece of food during his recovery.

Both men were arrested and convicted of the original shooting.

Patrolman Maceira was a U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War. He had graduated from the Boston Police Department's academy only three weeks prior to being shot. He is survived by his son and sister, who worked as a civilian with the Boston Police Department.

Remembering …

mlemf-logoOver 340 law enforcement officers have lost their lives while protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth. This encompasses state and local police, federal, sheriff and correction officers.

The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial will serve as a permanent reminder of their dedication and ultimate sacrifice.

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