Fallen Hero Obituary

Law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in Massachusetts

Officer Patrick J. Kelliher Age: 34 years old Tour: 4 years Quincy Police End of Watch: Sunday, January 12, 1908
Patrolman Patrick Kelliher succumbed to wounds received four months earlier when he was beaten by a group of men at the Quincy Square Station. He had responded to a report of a gang of rowdy men on a train and he had arrested the main instigator. As he pulled the man to nearest call box the rest of the group attacked two other citizens before attacking Patrolman Kelliher. He was able to turn his call box key to the emergency position before being knocked to the ground and severely kicked and beaten. The group of men fled as backup units arrived on a patrol wagon. Patrolman Kelliher complained of severe stomach pains and succumbed to internal bleeding four months later.

Patrolman Kelliher had served with the agency for four years. He was survived by his wife.

Remembering …

mlemf-logoOver 340 law enforcement officers have lost their lives while protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth. This encompasses state and local police, federal, sheriff and correction officers.

The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial will serve as a permanent reminder of their dedication and ultimate sacrifice.

Our Strength is in their Memories