Fallen Hero Obituary

Law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in Massachusetts

Officer Francis V. Quinn Age: 38 years old Lynn Police End of Watch: Thursday, February 16, 1933
Patrolman Quinn was shot and killed while attempting to question three suspicious suspects.

Patrolman Quinn was on a walking beat that included the intersection of Western Avenue and Washington Street. He was standing in the doorway of a pharmacy at this intersection when he observed three suspicious men walking up Washington Street towards him. As the men reached the intersection, he told them he wanted to talk to them.

He crossed the street to talk to them and before he said a word, they grabbed him, pinning him against a building. He quickly broke free and then saw one of the men draw a revolver. As he went for his own gun, he said, "Don't shoot me! Please think of my family." The gunman then shot him. The patrolman slumped into gutter and he was shot in the head. The other two men fled as soon as the first shot was fired.

All three suspects were capture, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Remembering …

mlemf-logoOver 340 law enforcement officers have lost their lives while protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth. This encompasses state and local police, federal, sheriff and correction officers.

The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial will serve as a permanent reminder of their dedication and ultimate sacrifice.

Our Strength is in their Memories