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Law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in Massachusetts

Officer James H. Carroll Age: 55 years old Tour: 28 years Lynn Police End of Watch: Saturday, June 25, 1910
Patrolman James Carroll was shot and killed in a shootout with three armed robbers.

Patrolman Carroll was assigned to provide an escort to a partner from the Landregan and Welch Shoe Company as he picked up the company payroll, which was approximately $5,000 to $6,000. As they left the bank, while walking on Oxford Street, three men started following them. At the intersection of Oxford and Willow, the men attacked. The businessman was shot first, then they shot Patrolman Carroll. As both men lay injured on the ground, the robbers emptied their weapons into them.

The event had been witnessed by numerous people inside an adjacent shoe factory and they started pelting the fleeing robbers with shoes, cutters knives, and scraps of iron. As they fled, they later shot another civilian in the leg, believing him to be a plain clothes policeman. When the robbers were being surrounded, one escaped, one committed suicide, and one was shot in the hand during another gun battle. The robber that escaped was later shot and killed by other officers after he opened fire on them. The captured robber was convicted of murder and robbery and was executed on March 7th, 1911.

Patrolman Carroll was survived by his wife.

Remembering …

mlemf-logoOver 340 law enforcement officers have lost their lives while protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth. This encompasses state and local police, federal, sheriff and correction officers.

The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial will serve as a permanent reminder of their dedication and ultimate sacrifice.

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